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What do you think about Budget 2016?

Posted: October 02, 2015 Comment: 0 Read: 503 times
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Brady & Associates are launching a very special online survey, to gauge our readers’ reaction to Budget 2016.

We'll be seeking your sentiment on the good, the bad and the ugly after Ministers Noonan and Howlin deliver their much-anticipated announcements.

All responses to the survey are completely confidential, but we’re also asking readers to spread it far and wide through Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+, so that we can get a solid set of statistics.

Thank you!

As a thank-you for your share, like or follow, we’re going to make a €50 donation to charity once the survey is complete.

Just ping us details of your preferred charity on social media and we’ll donate €50 to the charity which recieves the most mentions.


We’ll be asking you about topics such as income tax, USC, and of course, the ‘old reliables’ of cigarettes, alcohot and fuel. We’d also like your opinion on the spending side, and whether you think they got it right.

Few topics in Ireland generate as much discussion as the annual Budget – and this year there is plenty to discuss, so we’re hoping that the results will make fascinating reading for you all. We’ll analyse the results and produce a short report, which you can view on our website when it’s ready.

Keep your eye on our website for more.

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