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Where do you stand on tax in a changing work environment?

Posted: September 07, 2015 Comment: 0 Read: 524 times
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For many workers today, the idea of a stable 9-5 job that lasts for life is an alien concept. Specialist recruitment contracts – or no contracts at all – are more familiar arrangements in an economy just emerging from a deep recession.

A growing trend among companies to move towards a lean workforce model, scaling up and down depending on business needs, as well as a surge in specialist but short-term opportunities, have disrupted the traditional employment model, and it may never be the same again.

This means many workers are confused as to where they stand with Revenue – are they PAYE, self-employed, or both? And what are the impacts on their filing requirements?

Recent media reports suggested that such a scenario has become widespread, resulting in political and legal turmoil in both the US and Europe. Here in Ireland, the Revenue Commissioners’ are reportedly concerned over whether their own code of practice remains effective in this new environment.

“Indeed, it seems reasonable to state that such modern structures of engagement were not envisaged when the [decade old] code was developed,” the Revenue Commissioners reportedly said.

If this is an issue which affects you, you can contact Chartered Tax Advisers Brady & Associates for expert advice on where you stand. We have broad experience in handling tax planning and filing for all classes of clients, including owner-managed businesses, self-assessed taxpayers and start-ups.

We can explain tax law as it applies to you in plain English, and we can help you to minimise your tax liability. To book a consultation, contact Brady & Associates today.

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